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Slope mesh is a commonly used method to protect people and structures from rockfall, as well as other geohazards. There are many different types of slope mesh systems, each is designed to meet the needs of its specific application. Installing a mesh system involves drilling anchors, installing the posts and support cables, securing the mesh netting onto the system, and stitching and weaving the mesh panels together.  

Mesh systems are common along highways, railways, in open pit mines and quarries, and above infrastructure. Much of the equipment needed to build mesh systems, as well as the mesh system components, are heavy and difficult to maneuver in steep rugged terrain. Wherever possible, machinery such as cranes are used for lifting necessary equipment and materials into place. In some cases helicopters are the best option. In access restricted areas, our use of rope access techniques as well as certified rope access technicians allows us to use mechanical advantage and specialized rigging systems that make quick work of otherwise strenuous tasks.

Debris Netting 

GRW has installed high impact debris netting systems, including the first installed in Western Canada at Mosquito Creek in North Vancouver.  GRW will choose the most cost effective and expeditious method for installation, whether helicopter, crane or winch systems. 

Trumer, Geobrugg and Maccaferri– we’re familiar with the leading manufacturers and work closely with them on the design-install.