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Project History

Princeton Highway 5A

GRW successfully completed a BC Ministry Of Transportation major works contract; scaling, trim blasting and rock bolting this hazardous rock cut adjacent to a fibre-optic power transmission line and natural gas pipeline corridor on highway 5A. GRW acted as the prime contractor coordinating traffic control, common excavation and mucking, and public and private interests and safety.

Boulder Creek Rockworks

GRW was brought in to work in the toughest conditions on this project, working over a river, on vertical to overhanging rock cliffs, in winter conditions. Using modern rope access techniques, GRW was able to access areas of the worksite that other traditional scaling contractors could not. GRW placed hundreds of metres of rock bolts, thousands of M2 of rock mesh, and removed downed trees up to 15,000lbs from the middle of the river.

CRT Boulder Creek 2015

GRW returned to the site in 2015 for several different projects. After a devastating forest fire left the slopes above the roadways in dangerous condition, GRW was able to quickly mob a crew of 15 Slope Stabilization Technicians to secure the slopes. Later in the year we returned to place rockbolts, mesh, and inspect remote areas of the project inaccessable to the CRT crew and other contractors.

The Chief - Scaling

In the spring of 2015, a large rockfall off the Chief formation, shook the town of Squamish. GRW was contracted by BC parks to provide facilitated access for a geotechnical engineer to assess the rock scar for further hazard, as well as to scale and airbag off sections of the face deemed unstable. This project required our unique skillset as the rockfall location was near the top of the 700m tall rock face.

Ekati Mine Scaling

GRW is involved in several areas of the Ekati diamond mining operation. Constant effort is needed to stabilize the rock walls of the open pit mining operations involving scaling, rockbolting, and meshing. In addition GRW has performed scaling operations in the dump shute, a confined space area requiring additional safety protocols. This project is unique in that the mine is located within 100km of the arctic circle, requiring work to be done in extreme cold conditions.


GRW was contracted to install a custom rockfall netting as well as to drill and install anchors for penstock supports in vertical and steep terrain. GRW's extensive experience with Blackcomb Avaition was crucial as all material had to be slung to site with helicopters.

Innergex Ashlu Crk Rock Scaling

When a rock slide cut off access to the intake of this hydro electric plant, GRW mobed a crew quickly to airbag and scale the cliffs above the road to ensure the safe travel of Innergex workers to and from the intake.


This former railway line is now a prized hiking trail in the Hope area. After a geological assessment was completed, GRW was contracted to perform scaling, rock bolting, and meshing in several areas of the park. This project was unique due to many of the work areas being remote and difficult to access. Many of these work areas were only accessable using modern rope access techniques.

Yukon Hwy 

The Klondike Highway is a historic and very busy stretch of road between Skagway AK and Whitehorse YT. GRW has performed 4 separate slope stabilization projects along the highway for the Yukon government. The projects involved scaling, repairing damaged rockfall netting, rock bolting, installing new rockfall netting.

Stanley Seawall

The Vancouver Park Board is responsible for the safety of the many users of the popular Stanley Park Seawall trail. After a geological assessment, GRW was contracted to provide scaling and rock breaking on the cliffs of the Seawall.

Debris Flow Net

GRW is proud to have been involved in this historic project. The first debris flow net installed in Western Canada. This project provided many challenges due to the net being located in a tight river canyon just down stream from a waterfall, the requirement to protect endangered wildlife down stream of the project, and difficult access. GRW worked with the Department of Fisheries and Oceans, the District of North Vancouver, the Ministry of Environment, and Trumer to complete this difficult project.