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Rock scaling generally refers to the removal of loose rock on a slope or cliff, but also includes the removal of loose dirt as well as brush and trees. It is the first step in all rock stabilization jobs to make it safe to proceed with drilling or other prescribed stabilization measures. Although primarily done by hand using a scaling bar (a specialized pry bar for rock), inflatable air bag jacks are often used to remove larger unstable blocks. Other techniques such as using cables and equipment to pull off rocks, stumps and trees may also be used. 

Scaling is commonly required on rock cuts above highways, railways, walking trails, hydro dams, on high walls in open pit mines and quarries, and on civil projects. Some slopes require annual scaling, while others may be good for many years after a thorough scale. Certain slopes may be stabilized through scaling alone, while others may require more extensive stabilization measures such as rock bolting, slope mesh, trim blasting, or shot crete.

Our use of rope access techniques as well as certified rope access technicians is how we increase safety. High strength kernmantle ropes allows the technicians to use the latest technology to descend and ascend ropes easily while working in steep and often vertical terrain. Each technician is trained in rope rescue, and is equipped with the necessary equipment to perform a rope rescue in the event of an emergency situation.